Change is not unique to this era, but the speed, the size and the scope of the change that defines our times is unprecedented. It is through the frame of the generations that we can best understand the shifts, analyse the trends and know the times.

Based on more than a decade of research, The ABC of XYZ is designed for educators, business managers and parents who want a short and lively introduction to the global generations. The book explores what a generation is, how its definition has changed over the years, and the trends that are emerging for the future. It examines generational conflicts in the school, home and workplace, and the ways in which they can be understood and resolved, and what lies beyond Z.

Written by one of Australia’s foremost social researchers, this fully expanded and updated, third edition of The ABC of XYZ reveals the truth behind the labels and is essential reading for anyone interested in how our current generations live, learn and work.


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"When it comes to generational change, there are a few who have the depth of research and breadth of understanding that Mark McCrindle does. His observations are accurate, his insights are profound and his predictions are compelling."
Michael McQueen
Author of Winning the Battle for Relevance
“The ABC of XYZ is a rollicking journey across time, generations and values that have been forensically dissected by one of the best social analysts in Australia.”
Bernard Salt
Demographer and author of The Big Shift